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The Bayport Way

The key to Bayport’s past success, and the foundation on which our future stands, is the instinctive, conviction-based, principled and entrepreneurial approach to everything we do.

This approach is reflected in our mission, vision, values and the 9 philosophies we call The Bayport Way.

Why we exist: the BML mission

Bayport’s mission is to provide financial solutions suited to the needs of an inclusive and broad customer base; embracing technology, product leadership and innovation and so becoming the leading developing market financial solutions provider.

What we aspire to: the BML vision

Our vision is to be the most valued financial services brand in our chosen markets by providing a broad range of unique and relevant financial solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. To achieve this, Bayport will engineer a new reality in financial services provision; and will be recognised for consistently demonstrating the highest standard of care, responsibility and innovation. Bayport will be the first choice for the fulfillment of the economically active population’s financial needs – bringing hope, upliftment and liberation to the communities we serve.

What we believe in: BML’s core values

    1. EmpowermentWe believe in the capacity and will of all people to empower themselves and shape their own destinies, given the right economic and self-empowerment opportunities and access to life-changing financial solutions.We believe in an empowered corporate culture where the Bayport family is encouraged to be proactive, and has the right tools and approach to fulfill our brand promise.
    2. ResponsibilityWe believe in our duty of care to each and every customer to provide responsible access to credit, risk products and other financial solutions.We believe in our role as a responsible member of the societies in which we live and provide services; as well as our responsibility to each other. We uphold the highest standard of integrity, corporate citizenship and ethical behaviour.
    3. InnovationWe believe in innovation that matters and makes things better; in technology and product innovations that enable meaningful relationships with our customers.We believe in the spirit of creative entrepreneurship, challenging conventions and embracing the lessons we have learned.
    4. SimplicityWe are committed to doing and creating things that are simple. Simple to understand and resonate with. Simple to promote without the cost of confusion. A brand promise expressed in the simplest, most single-minded way.Simplicity must rule how we talk to our customers, design our solutions and innovate; how we work together, meet and make decisions.
    5. PartnershipWe believe in the power to build lasting relationships with members of the Bayport family, customers, communities and stakeholders, based on trust and a deep understanding of what matters to them.We recognise that our local partners and local management are the true champions of our brand, and that their local wisdom is critical to success.
    6. RelevanceWe believe in continuously putting ourselves to a simple series of tests by asking “Is what I am doing consistent with The Bayport Way and…
      • good for our customer?
      • adding value to or assisting the Bayport family?
      • time and cost efficient?
      • sustainable?


By answering “Yes!” we ensure that what we are doing is relevant.

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