Success stories

By providing responsible and affordable unsecured credit, Bayport strives to accelerate economic growth and build individual self-sustainability. Bayport’s customers have benefited, and continue to benefit enormously from our successful and proven credit approach.

A passion for education

Joseph Mwale is a mathematics teacher at Mulilantambo Basic School in Luanshya. He financially supports and cares for his wife Dora, their four children, and his ailing parents.

Teaching is Joseph’s passion, and he dreamt of opening a private school to help supplement the overcrowded government schools.

Bayport approved his loan application to produce a promotional fundraising video for his private school concept.

He showed the video in the Luanshya community, which desperately needed a private school. The community supported his concept, and funds were raised to open the Jomwa Junior Secondary School. Today, the school caters for over 270 students and Joseph is a part-time teacher at the school, which brings in additional funds to support his family.

Poultry a family affair

ObbyMwelwa is a school teacher in Luanshya, where he lives with his wife, Lyness, and their five children. When their last child, Gift now 2, was born, they decided they needed and additional income to support their burgeoning family.

Together Obby and Lyness applied for a loan from Bayport Financial Services to buy 50 chickens to start a small scale chicken farming business. Their business has grown substantially and they have increased their stock to 400 chickens.

The business has been so profitable that it not only generates enough income to pay the schools fees for their children, but it has also enabled them to refurbish their home. Recent acquisitions include a new lounge suite, fridge, four-plate cooker and a DVD home-theatre system.

Irrevocably changing the course of society’s most vulnerable

Joyce Chigulu is a policewoman in Chingola, She lives on a farm with her husband and five children. In her line of work, she is exposed to many vulnerable, orphaned street children, who are destitute, starving, and dissolute. Joyce was emotionally distraught by the street children’s plight and was determined to do something about it, to make a significant change in their lives. She was granted a small business loan from Bayport Financial Services to construct a school for these vulnerable children.

Today, the school has 50 pupils, aged between six and 15. They receive lessons in English, mathematics, science, and environmental science. There are two full-time employees, one of who is Joyce’s 22-year-old son, Tulani. Joyce pays the salaries of her employees from her police salary and relies on the generosity of the local community for donations to help keep the school running.

John learns the hard way

As is customary, eldest son John Musunga was in charge of his mother’s funeral but found it difficult to cater for the many guests who attended because of the lack of funds. Additionally, the village did not have a communal hammer mill to grind the maize brought in from the fields, which meant that there was not enough food.

After the funeral, John realised that if he bought a hammer mill, he would be in a position to help the community at a nominal charge and be able to earn extra money. John applied to Bayport Financial Services for a loan, which was approved, and today he rents out the hammer mill to the community, enabling them to grind maize, cassava, and finger millet.

He is not always paid in cash but receives barter groceries, chickens, and vegetables, which help to feed his family, which is a blessing, as he and his wife Charity, have eight children. As a result of the loan, John’s standard of living has greatly improved.

A home for Reuben

Reuben Chongo is a teacher in Chingola and has a wife and six children. He was offered a house by the Ministry of Education that would ideally suit the needs of his large family, but he did not have the necessary funding to purchase the property.

He applied for several loans from other banks but was turned down. He was disheartened at the thought that he would lose the home to another buyer. He remembered hearing about Bayport Financial Services and applied for a home loan and was delighted when his loan was approved.

“Thanks to Bayport, I was able to purchase the house and my family has a roof over their heads,” Reuben said.