2. Product Information

Product Information

Promotions and Campaigns

Bayport Financial Services (Z) Limited launched a 48 Month product on May 9, 2011. This product is primarily available to public service workers and is aimed at enhancing their ability to access higher value loans for deployment towards capital projects.


Payroll based loans

  • 1 Month Loan — repayable in one (1) instalment
  • 2 Month Loan — repayable in two (2) instalments
  • 3 Month Loan — repayable in three (3) instalments
  • 6 Month Loan — repayable in six (6) instalments
  • Education Loan — repayable in nine (9) instalments
  • 12 Month Loan — repayable in twelve (12) instalments
  • 18 Month Loan — repayable in eighteen (18) instalments
  • 24 Month Loan — repayable in twenty-four (24) instalments
  • 36 Month Loan — repayable in thirty-six (36) instalments
  • 48 Month Loan — repayable in forty-eight (48) instalments

Money Transfer

Bayport Kwachamover — Local money transfer service

This is an efficient local money transfer service delivered at very competitive tariffs. Since Bayport is represented in over forty (40) branches countrywide, the product is delivered under the hallmark ‘Faster, Cheaper, Everywhere‘.

Credit Life cover

Credit Life takes care of your loan when you can’t

When you take out a Bayport loan, you take out credit life cover at the same time. If you are retrenched, disabled, die or get a dreaded disease like cancer, the money you still owe on your loan will be paid back to Bayport by the insurance company. You won’t have to pay a kwacha.

You get this cover when you enter into a valid finance agreement with Bayport, as long as you are turning older than 19 on your next birthday and haven’t yet turned 60. You are covered from the moment you sign the policy — even if you haven’t paid a single premium yet. That’s how serious Bayport is about protecting your loved ones.

Once your policy has started running, you must keep up your payments, otherwise you cannot receive your benefits.

Terms and conditions apply.

Qualifying criteria and required documentation

  • A minimum of three (3) latest pay slips
  • National Registration card or Passport
  • Work ID where applicable
  • A signed loan pre-approval form, where applicable